Regina's Peregrine Falcon Sponsors

The Regina Falcon Project is brought to you mainly through the volunteer services of 3 persons - Ken Holliday of Holliday and Aikens Financial Services, Leigh Calnek of Screen the Net (Adult site blocking and security software) and Unibase Telecom (Internet Service Provider), and Annette Bristol of Web Wizards Web site design. Also generously donated for our use are the photographs and the observations of John Triffo, Naturalist photographer.

The site takes much to maintain - internet service and high speed lines for the duration of the season to the site on top of City Hall are expensive, camera equipment, computers, maintenance of the hack box, web site design and maintenance, domain name service, ........... and of course, much volunteer time to keep things running on top of our usual jobs.

We can always use more sponsors. If you would like to donate toward some of the expenses incurred in the presenting of this site, please contact us.

Canada Life Insurance and Investments has supported the Regina Falcon site since it's inception.
Unibase Telecom is a Regina Internet Service Provider
Unibase has supplied hosting services for the falcon project
Ken Holliday CFP CLU CH.F.C.
Financial Planning Services
Ken spearheads this project and supplies financial support for this project
Screen the Net
Adult blocking services
for schools, businesses and family use
Web Wizards
Web Site Design
Supplying design services for the Regina Falcon Site
Jon Triffo Photography
Photographer, nature guide, interpreter, guest lecturer.
Supplier of most of the photographs for the site.

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