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Many people hope that enough will be done to save endangered species like the Peregrine Falcon. Unfortunately, hoping won't save them. We can all contribute in some small ways to helping the cause. Here are a few things that you and I can do.
  1. Don't use pesticides which leave residues.
  2. Press your local, provincial and federal governments for more funding of conservation projects, particularly those that improve the environment. There is little to be gained by reintroduction of species if the world they have to live in will kill them.
  3. Write to the provincial and federal governments to ask them what they are doing to help conserve Canada's peregrine falcons.
  4. Join a local or a national conservation organization such as WWF. By working together, we will help ensure the survival of this magnificent species. Join a local organization, WRSOS - Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan. Contact Ken Holliday to find out more.
  5. Donations to support this page can be made to the following registered charity. A tax receipt will be issued. Make cheques payable to :

    WRSOS - Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan
    C/O Holliday & Aikens Insurance and Investment Services Inc.
    200-2445 13th Ave.
    Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada S4P OW1

    Bus: (306) 584-2544
    Fax: (306)584-8225


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