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Begun 8 years ago, "Ken's Comments" is devoted to keeping our viewers up-to-date on the successes and setbacks of our peregrine family atop Regina's City Hall. Ken Holliday CFP, CLU, CH.F.C., one of the original people who spearheaded this project beginning in 1985, has been, and continues to have a keen interest in this project. The falcons are banded at 20-25 days with a band displaying a universal identifier and the phone number and address of the central registry in the USA. In this way, the birds can be tracked. This is useful if the bird is ill, injured, lost, or killed. This has resulted in a few 'strange' phone calls as to where our wandering friends are and how they are doing. The entries you see here are from such phone calls, and from Ken's watchful eye trained on the falcon family on the top of Regina City Hall.

If you have any questions regarding our falcon family, or falcons in general, Ken will attempt to answer them. Ken also has a "Falcon Watch" e-mail group where his new comments can be sent directly to your e-mail. Please direct any requests, questions, comments or inquiries to Ken Holliday.

Webmaster note: You will notice a significant drop in comments, and a lag in getting the first comments up this year. The reason for the former is that there is simply not much to report as a falcon pair has not chosen to nest in the hack box for the last two years. The latter is explained by the fact that I am a full time University student, and sometimes have difficulty finding the time to make the necessary changes that prepare the web site each spring. I remind everyone that Ken, Leigh and I are volunteers and sometimes, life gets in the way of being timely. Please accept my appology for the time lag in getting these comments to you; now that I have done the initial changes to the site, things should be more timely. ... Annette

May 14/2004 - Peregrine Falcon This picture sent to me by an SPC employee. This bird has apparently been seen on the same spot almost every morning for 2 weeks. It is on the east end of the Sask Power Bldg - south side I think. .......... Ken

April 28/2004 - We have at least one back!!! I saw one perched on the city hall light bracket, south side - most easterly light!! I know the web site was not carrying the signal from the hack box after some power spikes a few days ago but that was fixed - keep an eye on the site and let us know if you see a peregrine there. We did have a Pigeon nesting there - they would make a nice lunch for the peregrine and I suspect they have vacated now as I have not seen them since we made the camera live.

City of Regina was doing windows chalking on city hall and have moved from the site in order to not disturb the peregrine if it returns. They are congratulated for their support. !!!

In 2002, the female disappeared; we assume she died of old age. In 2003 there were 2 peregrines here but they did not nest at city hall and may not have nested at all. That is likely because of 2 things - 1 - it is not uncommon for a new pair to not nest the first year of a pairing and 2 - when the new female was checking out the hack box at city hall there was construction happening behind the hack box - welding and other activity that could not be avoided; We do not have that construction this year.

We keep our fingers crossed for a nesting at city hall this year .......... Ken

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