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They/we are back ....... for another year!!! Begun 7 years ago, "Ken's Comments" is devoted to keeping our viewers up-to-date on the successes and setbacks of our peregrine family atop Regina's City Hall. Ken Holliday CFP, CLU, CH.F.C., one of the original people who spearheaded this project beginning in 1985, has been, and continues to have a keen interest in this project. The falcons are banded at 20-25 days with a band displaying a universal identifier and the phone number and address of the central registry in the USA. In this way, the birds can be tracked. This is useful if the bird is ill, injured, lost, or killed. This has resulted in a few 'strange' phone calls as to where our wandering friends are and how they are doing. The entries you see here are from such phone calls, and from Ken's watchful eye trained on the falcon family on the top of Regina City Hall.

If you have any questions regarding our falcon family, or falcons in general, Ken will attempt to answer them. Ken also has a "Falcon Watch" e-mail group where his new comments can be sent directly to your e-mail. Please direct any requests, questions, comments or inquiries to Ken Holliday.

May 19/2003 - Yes we still have peregrines in Regina. I had a call about a week - 10days ago, from a lady who works in the Avord tower. She said they could see one perched on a ledge at the SPC building across the street. I went to investigate and it was gone when I got there. They called again and I went - but stopped to pick up a burger at a drive through, while at the drive through I could see one on city hall - and with my telescope I could identify it as a peregrine; I think a male from his size. He was busy plucking feathers from his lunch and eating. I went to Avord tower and sure enough, there was a bigger Peregrine sitting on a window ledge. I could see both birds at the same time. I did go to the SPC building with the intention of identification from a leg band if I could get to the window ledge. It tuned out to be in a stairwell and by the time a real long stepladder was in place the bird flew away. NO IDENIFICATION BY LEG BAND!

I have seen them since but they are not nesting at city hall.


My guess is that they were scared away from city hall at a crucial time, there was construction going on right behind they nest box when the birds were seen to be checking it out. The maintenance guys also advised they peaked through a small hole in the nest box and saw the bird. These seemingly small disturbances could have caused them to choose somewhere else. The old female would not have been deterred that easy but this will be a new one.


April 22/2003 - The camera connection to the web page was made this weekend - April 18. There are 2 camera feeds - one for high speed and another for the non high speed. The high speed gives 2 new pictures every second and the other is every 15 seconds. Thats the GOOD NEWS. The BAD NEWS is I have not seen the falcons since the 13th of April.

I would appreciate a note from anyone who does happen to see a bird in the hack box . You can capture the frame as a picture and email to me at with subject line "Peregrine Seen". I get a lot of spam email so unless you use this attention line it could be missed - sorry to be so specific

I will put a notice to the falcon interest group and ask them to keep a lookout for the birds around the city and on the Internet also.

WISH US LUCK!! Thanks to Leigh for the trip to Regina Easter weekend to install computers and do the technical work to get the pictures flowing. Thanks also to Annette for the hours she spends on the web pages - ALL UNPAID !!! .......... Ken

Webmaster note: You will recall that a couple of years ago, I had added a note regarding our little volunteer family here that brings you the Regina Peregrine Falcon site - Ken was getting cancer treatments, Leigh had lost a grandchild and I, my daughter.

Some of our readers have wondered about Ken's health. We are glad to report his treatment was successful and he remains in good health. Leigh? Well, he has moved and is employed in Alberta; however, he will still be handling technical issues from there along with the help of his son, Milton, who lives in Regina. As for me, I went back to University as a full time student last year, and am currently in the midst of finals. I remind everyone that we are all volunteers. We will try to get things up and running as quickly as possible, but hope we will be excused when life gets in the way. ........ Anna (Annette)

April 14/2003 - I installed the camera this afternoon so we can monitor the nest box, there are 2 eggs - but - they are pigeon eggs - I did confirm the presence of 2 peregrines at once in downtown Regina yesterday afternoon .......... Ken

April 13/2003 - Noon

A lot earlier than expected but we have peregrines back in the city of Regina - and we have eggs in the hack box at city hall.

Theres is a photo opportunity for amature photographers right now and for the next few days. From the ground - look for the male perched on the south side of the SGI building, often in the curl of the "G" of SGI sign - sometimes on the bars above the SGI of the sign, or City Hall - east side - near top the lights that form the crown of city hall - the 7th from the north end - is different it is the opening to the nest box and often one can be seen coming or going there. GOOD LUCK!!

2002 was not a good year - the female failed to return to her eggs and likely died of old age, She was 13-14 years old and in the wild 8-9 is normal - so we were not surprised but were saddened at her loss. There was male left and the normal thing is for the survivor of a pair with a mate and attract that new mate to the territory. We are pleased to see we have 2 birds and they already laying eggs and continue to choose city hall as a nest site.

Neither has been identified yet. The camera will be installed in the nest box to monitor them next week - the internet site is still active and the live camera feed to the Internet site will be activated as soon as we can manage it. The computer we were using needs replacement. The services of the technician to reestablish the links and install computer will be a couple weeks away at least.

For more detail, you are welcome to call or email me. .......... Ken

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